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As a brand, ONG or donor, you might have some questions pertaining to the usage of GoodMoov. Please view our FAQ below to learn more or fill in the contact form should your question not be featured. The GoodMoov team will contact you asap with the answer.


GoodMoov is a privately owned company specialised in helping companies find the right NGOs in order to collaborate on projects that will help them meet their CSR needs locally or globally.

Any brand of legal companies worldwide may join the platform provided they meet compliance requirements.

Internet access is required to use the platform so if your region or country is connected, you are good to go.

The platform allows brands to quickly match and collaborate with numerous non-profits worldwide they would otherwise not access. The search engine allows for the specific selection of the right non-profit to meet their company’s CSR and branding requirements while safely collecting funds from donors on behalf of their NGO of choice. It allows for a faster spreading of charitable activities through social media and exponential growth of their public through the merging of the brand and the NGO´s respective realms of influence.

Contact us via our website to learn more.


You will have to create a GoodMoov account upon donating to your first campaign via the platform. Just follow the instructions upon clicking on the URL of your campaign of choice. As a donor, you will not be able to search and match with brands or NGOs as this feature is reserved for registered companies and non-profits only.

Yes, your payment will be safely processed through Lemonway or Stripe.

Not for the time being. As you stand a chance of winning a reward through your charitable contribution (i.e attending an extraordinary event), your contribution will not be tax deductible.

Donation amounts depend on individual campaigns as set by brands and NGOs during their collaboration.

Just follow the instructions under the reset password function and you will be guided through the process.


Registering with GoodMoov gives you greater visibility and increases your chances of matching with brands worldwide, thus increasing your reach and access to donors globally. The platform collects and reverts donations safely and directly to you and removes cumbersome administration.

GoodMoov has a history of working with non-profits for humanitarian purposes. It was designed to give NGOs more access to donors through matching with brands for charitable collaborations. Non-profits get to choose whether they wish to collaborate with the brand with which they match, thus ensuring they are aligned on their values.

GoodMoov follows required privacy policies, rules and regulations as set out in our legal terms and conditions.

GoodMoov is a platform meant to increase collaborations between all brands and NGOs worldwide, centered around campaigns offering selected donors an opportunity to win an extraordinary reward that will be featured in the media to attract donors in the markets targeted by the brands. Prestige and glamour join forces with humanitarian causes to create events that will appeal to donors and entice them in making financial contributions to various charities while earning a chance to be part of a great event. Whereas other giving services are often limited to established partnerships and locations, GoodMoov opens up the arena by including brands and non-profits from around the world giving the latter a fair chance of entering into a collaboration with a brand based on how well they suit its campaign criteria, and not on whether the brand has ever heard about it before. New and original partnerships are therefore easily formed to reach existing as well as new donors.

Brands and NGOs are the primary customers of the platform, paying a monthly fee for its services.